Siemens HiPath 3000







 HiPath 3000_5000V9,Data Sheet,Issue 2


Efficient Communications with HiPath 3000

Distributing information quickly, adapting to meet new demands, creating a sustainable information structure for employees and customers - these are indispensable criteria, particularly for medium-sized companies. Without a modern communications solution, it's quite a balancing act to consolidate growing requirements while remaining competitive
Siemens Real Time IP System - HiPath 3000 - creates a foundation for gradual upgrade to a high-performance, secure and expandable communication infrastructure, bringing a range of vital advantages to medium-sized companies
Get the best of both worlds, even in mixed system environments: innovative IP applications like real-time communication over IP networks and versatile mobility solutions, combined with high fault tolerance and rich features typical for classic telephony systems
With numerous connectivity options, HiPath 3000 can also be used as a fail-safe gateway to the HiPath 5000 Real Time IP System
Cost-Efficiency with Faster Return on Investment
You will soon notice positive differences when using HiPath 3000 as a communication system for your company
Reduced operating costs with Least Cost Routing (LCR), adding value and efficiency to your existing infrastructure, acceleration of work processes and reduced communication costs
A High-Performance, Flexible Communication Solution
Challenges are redefined everyday, particularly in difficult economic times. Your company requires a sustainable, forward-looking solution to stay afloat amid changing circumstances
For additional branches or subsidiaries - HiPath 3000 can simply upgrade to HiPath 5000. Existing HiPath 3000 systems are integrated as gateways in the HiPath 5000 solution. Up to 1000 users and 32 HiPath 3000 network nodes can be centrally administered. With HiPath 3000, you are strategically well equipped for the future
Catering for all Demands
The most important capital you have are your employees. To develop their full potential, they need efficient tools to support them in their work. With the addition of useful applications such as the HiPath Xpressions Unified Messaging solution for processing e-mails, voice messages and faxes, customer requests are received and dealt with quickly and more efficiently
Optional HiPath ProCenter software integrated with HiPath 3000 makes Customer Relationship Management a reality
HiPath Cordless combined with HiPath 3000, can translate the benefits of using the advanced optiPoint Clients and Gigaset handsets with a cordless solution, whether at your desk or in transit
User-friendliness, simple user prompting, and a host of features at every workstation transform each telephone into a high-performance workpoint. With optiClient 130 software, each telephone can also be represented virtually on your PC, offering an array of further applications
Something for Everyone
Whether your focus is on a large sales force (mobility), high inbound or outbound (CRM), or network configuration options, you are on the right track with HiPath 3000 as your foundation
Multi-faceted applications make HiPath 3000 a flexible platform for customer and branch-specific solutions
HiPath 3000 at a Glance
  • Real-time IP system for packet-switched or line-switched environments or a mixture of the two
  • Numerous connectivity options make HiPath 3000 the ideal gateway in a HiPath 5000 environment
  • Enhanced telephony features ranging from Caller Lists to Caller ID display on forwarded calls
  • Central AC switching
  • Control of communication costs through data sets itemised according to departments, projects or branches